Flash Zumungo software OTA over Tasmota.

“Tasmota” is very popular platform for IoT devices. The power of Tasmota is that it is universal and adaptable to multiple devices. Here you can see a list of Tasmota devices


Zumungo on other hand is highly specialized in 3 areas – Relays, Keypads, Stepper motors. In this regard Zumungo is much better than Tasmota in the areas of specialization.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to upgrade from Tasmota to Zumungo over the air (OTA) without running any wires.

  1. Power-up your “Tasmota” powered device where your local WiFi is available.
  2. Find the IP address of your Tasmota device in your router tables. Should have a name like Tasmota – xxxxx
  3. Go to the IP address of your Tasmota device from any computer web browser on the same LAN.
  4. You should see Tasmota main menu.
  5.  Use “Upgrade firmware” from the main menu to “upgrade” “Tasmota” to “Tasmota-minimal”. Make sure you select “Tasmota-minimal” (not “lite” or anything else.) this is very IMPORTANT ! because OTA needs space to operate and will not work with the full version of Tasmota.  You can find the latest version of “Tasmota-minimal” here http://ota.tasmota.com/tasmota/release/ 
  6. With the “Tasmota-minimal” running, choose “Upgrade frimware” and pick OTA upgrade. Enter this file as a source depending on your hardware ESP8266 or ESP32 and your application (relays, relays plus temperature, keypads and sensors, stepper motors). Copy and paste  the URL address exactly as shown below.

For relay control on ESP8266 based hardware –  http://www.zumungo.com/wp-content/uploads/firmware/ProjectR.bin_esp8266

For relay control plus temperature sensors on ESP8266 based hardware –  http://www.zumungo.com/wp-content/uploads/firmware/ProjectR1.bin_esp8266

For relay control on ESP32 based hardware –  http://www.zumungo.com/wp-content/uploads/firmware/ProjectR.bin_esp32

For relay control plus temperature sensors on ESP32 based hardware –  http://www.zumungo.com/wp-content/uploads/firmware/ProjectR1.bin_esp32

For keypads/sensors on ESP8266 based hardware –  http://www.zumungo.com/wp-content/uploads/firmware/ProjectM.bin_esp8266

For keypads/sensors on ESP32 based hardware –  http://www.zumungo.com/wp-content/uploads/firmware/ProjectM.bin_esp32

For stepper motors on ESP32 based hardware –  http://www.zumungo.com/wp-content/uploads/firmware/ProjectS.bin_esp32

7. Wait few minutes for the OTA process to complete. Unfortunately there will be no indication of that. Just wait 2-3 minutes. You will see “page not available” at the IP address where the “Tasmota” web page used to be. This is normal.

8. Restart your device that used to be Tasmota driven and now is Zumungo driven.

9. Find WiFi network labeled Zumungo-xxxxxx on your smart phone and connect to it with password: 123456789

10. Open web browser on your smart phone and go to IP address

11. Log-in to Zumungo with password: Zumungo

12. Go to WiFi settings and setup the credentials of your local WiFi network.

13. Restart your device by power cycling it.

14. Go to the IP address of your device (see p.3 above) from any browser on your WiFi network. You will see the Zumungo web interface.

15. Take a note of your device’s 6 character code displayed at Zumungo web pages and buy licenses for Zumungo ( FREE trial is available no credit card required, but still goes through the “Buy” pages at zumungo.com https://zumungo.com/buy/)

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